Lupita’s Artist Project Grant

Between 2016-2018, the Lupita’s Artist Project Grant, consisting of $1000 to help fund the creation or continuation of an artist project yearly, was funded by Sierra Nevada University’s MFA Interdisciplinary Arts program in the interest of helping to support artist communities both locally and internationally. 

We seek to fund the work of emerging artists who are particularly interested in generating objects or activities surrounding notions of “Place.” As with the focus of the MFA-IA Program, we are invested in the diverse strategies artists employ engaging in and contributing to critical discourses surrounding place and place-based practice—from personal, to political, to planetary. Through this yearly open call, we hope to extend these conversations beyond the immediate community of our program and support artists in a variety of locales.

These projects may occupy multiple contexts, but should somehow open up spaces for opportunity, interaction or conversation. Projects of all scales are welcome, with the idea that the Lupita’s Artist Project Grant can support small gestures or help facilitate bringing big ideas into fruition. All media are welcome, including but not limited to painting, drawing, sculpture, video, sound, performance, intervention and installation. Submissions are open to all emerging artists, artist teams, and collectives.

Submissions should include a detailed written proposal, including information about specific materials to be used, spaces to be occupied, potential collaborators and duration of the project. The quality of the proposal and past work samples, as well as the feasibility of the proposed project, will be considerations for the committee. As a part of project proposals, we ask that artists consider the creation of an archive-able component as part of the project, in the form of an object, a map, or other documents that will become part of the MFA-IA program project archive and Garage Door Gallery library.


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