Logistics, Distribution, Fulfillment

Logistics, Distribution, Fulfillment is a project by Bill Morrison / Consolidated Anomaly and funded by the SNU MFA-IA Lupita’s Project Grant.

Project Brief

Logistics, Distribution, Fulfillment will survey the transformations currently underway at the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center (TRIC) in Storey County, NV. Touted by it’s developers as the largest industrial park in the world, TRIC, when completed, will cover 107,000 acres, or about 64% of the county itself. Generous tax abatements and a permissive regulatory structure have already lured multinational players to the center, and if the development goes as planned, TRIC will become a major node for manufacturing, high-tech, and logistics in the west.

TRIC is an almost pure expression of the will of global capital, as the landscape itself already reveals. In talking about the landscapes emerging in the mid-20th century, geographer JB Jackson coined the term “auto-vernacular landscape” to denote instances of the built environment that served the needs of automobiles instead of humans. The built environment of the present day begs for its own term, one that encompasses the factory towns of China, the robot-driven shipping ports of the Netherlands, the genetically-engineered monocultures of the midwest, as well as the various logistics and manufacturing hubs like TRIC spread throughout the globe. They’re all linked in multiple ways, from the communications and informations systems, to financial systems, and ultimately (as we all are), to the environment. “Globalization” is simply too neutral a term, as it does nothing to suggest the hierarchies and power structures at play. One of the main goals of this project is to develop aesthetic and conceptual strategies for understanding and influencing these vast, emerging systems. From this, perhaps, a language of empowerment can be learned.

About the Artist

Bill Morrison’s concerns are primarily centered on exploring the forms, subtexts, and systems that give rise to the built environment and by extension, to a more general study of the complex relationships that we as humans have with the land. His approach to this work is multidisciplinary, encompassing sculpture, drawing, photography, sound and video. He also considers field work and theoretical research as integral to the process. Furthermore, he is interested in the role communications technologies can play in forging networks and communities of participation.

Lupita’s Artist Project Grant

This project has been supported in part by Sierra Nevada College’s MFA Interdisciplinary Arts program through the Lupita’s Artist Project Grant. As a part of project proposals, we ask that artists consider the creation of an archive as part of the project, in the form of an object, a map, or other document that will become part of the MFA-IA program project archive. A copy of Morrison’s artist book, USAP-TRIC, is available for view in the Garage Door Gallery library on campus.


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