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Richard Petrucci – SNC MFA-IA Class of 2017 – Tactical Maintenance

Richard Petrucci is something of a landscaper. Or rather, an archivist of landscapes. Petrucci’s work throughout the Sierra Nevada College MFA-Interdisciplinary Arts program has focused on the human management of our appreciation of nature. As Christopher Thacker writes in The History of Gardens, the first gardens were likely discoveries —  “…such spots are the gardens of the gods, or of those favoured by the gods, so that they need do no work to keep the place in order.” Petrucci’s work explores this question then, exploring our enjoyment of nature, and the notion of “enjoyment” itself as a product of our time.

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Lupita’s Artist Project Grant awarded to Piney Wood Atlas

We are pleased to announce the selection of Piney Wood Atlas as recipients of the 2017 Lupita’s Artist Project Grant.

Piney Wood Atlas is a collaboration between Alicia Toldi and Carolina Porras.

In a series of road trips, they visit and catalogue small, emerging, and unconventional artist residencies around the country, soaking up the unique atmosphere of each residency by spending time in the space while having conversations with the facilitators and artists. The project is an ongoing process that will continually contribute to a multimedia tour log of their travels and findings, and help connect the dots between artists and artist residencies.

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