“We see on our shelves, in Handsome Volumes, the Works of old Authors who lived and wrote before the invention of printing; but how few of us ask ourselves the questions: Where are the originals of which these books are the copies? And what authority have we for the genuineness of the text?” – William Forsyth

Aaron Czerny is an interdisciplinary artist very much concerned with the new epoch of the Anthropocene and the creation of “shifting context zones” that include made and found objects in stylized exhibitions. Czerny positions himself as a “ritual facilitator,” in his work through the use of performance, video installation and the creation of educational ephemera. Aaron doesn’t navigate what it means to be human in the work he mounts; he archives the way we navigate our humanity. In making this attempt, he allows authorship to transfer to those who enter into the spaces he creates.

Aaron Czerny - Interdisciplinary Artist - via pati sacra (details) - 2017 -multimediaAaron Czerny - Interdisciplinary Artist - wilderness radio-2016-multimediaAs a viewer, to be in the work is to activate the space. It is this feedback loop that creates the work, hewn together from the discarded and created utilitarian materials therein and the observers’ entry into the exhibit. Disconnected from their original context, Czerny seeks to assuage Kim Carson’s musings over a found arrowhead in The Place of Dead Roads: “This artifact, shaped to fill a forgotten need, now has no more meaning or purpose than this arrowhead without the arrow and the bow, the arm and the eye.” As if answering this line directly, Aaron joins with his audience in seeking possible purpose and meaning for the materials in his “anthropological collage.”

In echo/locater,  Czerny exhibits an object called resonator. A finely crafted wooden box containing a collection of objects, Aaron shipped the box with a set of instructions outlining how to use and add to the resonator object. Hence, a resonator returns to the exhibit bearing the marks of ten artists’ activation, an archive to be joined to the archive — a collage of notions around human activation.

Aaron Czerny Aaron Czerny is a trans-disciplinary artist engaged in investigating the complex dynamics embedded within the concepts of wildness and domestication. His work, which utilizes a wide range of materials, media, and exhibition strategies, has been exhibited and collected nationally and internationally. He pursued undergraduatestudies at the San Francisco Art Institute and holds an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Sierra Nevada College. Czerny was the recipient of the SNC MFA-IA Artist Grant (2015-2017), the Transart Institute Earth Awareness Award (2014), Can Serrat artist stipend (2013), and the SFAI Sobel Award (1992-1996). He currently resides and works north of San Francisco.


Garage Door Gallery, 1008 Tahoe BLVD,Incline Village,Nevada-89451
Starting on
August 3, 2017
Ending on
September 15, 2017
“People are... already in the past. The past... is not something that comes after the present has ceased to be; rather, the past is always impregnated in the present, even as the present becomes the past. ... this repetitious time does not consist in the return of the same, but of the different, a kind of "return of difference". - Rane Willerslev echo locator – the ritual join multidisciplinary artist Aaron Czerny in an evening of participatory activation of his installation echo locator, a ritual iteration of resonator: a collaborative and experimental piece that travelled to various artists and locals within the United States from March to July 2017.