Richard Petrucci is something of a landscaper. Or rather, an archivist of landscapes. Petrucci’s work throughout the Sierra Nevada College MFA-Interdisciplinary Arts program has focused on the human management of our appreciation of nature. As Christopher Thacker writes in The History of Gardens, the first gardens were likely discoveries —  “…such spots are the gardens of the gods, or of those favoured by the gods, so that they need do no work to keep the place in order.” Petrucci’s work explores this question then, exploring our enjoyment of nature, and the notion of “enjoyment” itself as a product of our time.

Richard Petrucci - Parc Andre Citroen 5260, Paris, France 2017

Parc Andre Citroen 5260, Paris, France 2017

In Tactical Maintenance, Petrucci offers an archive of European gardens, controlled natural spaces, meant to be either in conversation with nature or to exhibit human dominance over the natural. The installation of Tactical maintenance offers a mirror of such venues, or avenues as it were.

During the Summer Residency of 2016, Petrucci worked directly on the natural surroundings of the Sagehen Field Research Station, creating entry-ways into nature, and even digitally retouching natural objects using projection. These interventions highlight the drive to apply order to that which, in reality, has an order of its own already.

Richard Petrucci is a Brooklyn, New York-based visual artist working principally with photography, with each installation taking a slightly different form, including digital projections and prints. Often traveling for his work, notions of documentation and the status of the photographic image are at the core of his practice. Richard’s experience as a professional photo retoucher has had a profound influence on his artwork. In his most recent project, Richard traveled to Europe, where he photographed royal and municipal gardens.

Richard Petrucci - Sagehen Creek