In two weeks SNC will host the first residency for the MFA Interdisciplinary Arts program. As part of the residency, there will be a handful of public lectures and a free workshop with the gallery artist-in-residence, Mary Rothlisberger.


MFA-IA Visiting Artists Lecture
Sat. Aug. 1, 2015 7-9pm
Holman Arts & Media Center, second floor
Coming from the East Coast, the three Visiting Artist Faculty for the MFA Interdisciplinary program, Matt Freedman, Christine Heindl and Peter Rostovsky, will each be presenting images and insight into their individual practices.


How Traditional Arts Will Save the World
Sun. August 2, 2015 4-6pm
Holman Arts & Media Center, second floor
Using examples of her fieldwork explorations and research, folklorist Christina Barr will speak about the work of folklorists and how community-based traditional arts – and arts in general – can strengthen communities, foster engagement, and influence our nation’s public policies for the common good.


Get Together
Mon. August 3, 2015  7-9pm, BBQ 5-7pm
Garage Door Gallery, Holman Arts & Media Center
Mary Rothlisberger will lead an after-dinner group-up about sociable interventions and the power of the hangout space in building community. Play as pedagogy, practicing at being people, and making groupwork work for all of us. Let’s get together!


Headbanging Without Music is Ritual Nature Worship
Fri. August 7, 2015  7-8pm
Holman Arts & Media Center, second floor
Jared Stanley will be discussing: What do military technology, lyric poetry, and informational signage have in common?


(header image of Cabin-Time Radio, photo by Carson Davis Brown)