Some of our MFA-IA Faculty have been making the news lately. Featured here are Brooklyn artists Matt Freedman and David Horvitz, and LA artist Jeff Weiss.

Brooklyn Artist Matt Freedman was recently featured in L Magazine’s article, “5 Brooklyn Artists You Need To Know.”


When asked about his process, Matt explains, “I work all over the house—sometimes at my desk, sometimes at the dining room table, sometimes in the library or a coffee shop, sometimes even in the studio. It depends on what I’m doing. Right now I‘m writing and drawing in preparation for a series of performances with Tim Spelios. It’s too cold in the studio, so everything is piling up on the old psychiatric couch in the living room. My part of the collaboration consists of telling long loopy stories while drawing on a pad of paper. The stories are produced by a very questionable research system. I follow ideas and stories I hear and read along until they overlap with another story or idea that I hear or read about. Pretty soon I have a pile of ideas that somehow link up, at least in my mind.”








LA based artist, Jeff Weiss, recently completed a long term project about Prometheus, “the oldest living thing on earth.”




“The tree, called Prometheus, took root at the dawn of the Bronze Age, centuries before the ancient Egyptians began construction on the pyramids at Giza. It outlasted the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, European colonialism, the Mexican-American War and the creation of the atom bomb. But it didn’t survive the chainsaw that felled it on Aug. 7, 1964, at the request of a scientist who wanted to study the tree’s rings. … Weiss is obsessed with trees and the histories they hold; His obsession with Prometheus, however, has trumped all others.”

Read the profile on Weiss and his Prometheus project in the LA Times.






On another note, Brooklyn artist David Horvitz made the news for other exciting reasons: David and his very pregnant wife, Zanna, were rushing to get to the hospital when they called an “Uber” cab. Turns out, they never made it there. See the NY Post article on this amazing event here!