We had an excellent turnout for our Embodied Place: Observations and Notations closing reception and panel discussion on February 27th, 2015. Visitors flooded the galleries and there was standing room only for the panel, which took place directly after the opening in the Holman Arts and Media building on the SNC campus.


The Embodied Place exhibition included a diversity of works, from video to painting to performance – even a multi-sensory work which required viewers to use their sense of smell. Gallery visitors ranged from SNC students to visitors from places as far away as New York City and the Midwest. Most everyone who came to see the show was also part of the enthusiastic group who crowded into the Holman upstairs space for the panel discussion, moderated by Amy Franceschini of Futurefarmers in SF. The panelists included: Wendy Baroli of GirlFarm, UC Berkeley professor Ignacio Chapela, Geoffrey Holdstad and Mary Rothlisberger of Cabin-Time and local poet/writer Jared Stanley. Together panelists discussed ideas such as how we understand time in relation to our bodies, various takes on how to define ‘place’, and even touched on what it means to start a new MFA program and thoughts on building community. Panelists also introduced the audience to their individual projects, which are as diverse as those which take place in a biology lab, to others which focus on raising sustainable farm animals, and still others that are about creating relationships between language and the landscape. A lively back and forth ensued between the audience and the panel members, and it continued into the night at Crosby’s, a local bar and eatery. Needless to say, a great time was had by all!




Visitors to Embodied Place checking out the Garage Door Gallery



Embodied Place in Tahoe Gallery



Panelists and Moderator, Amy Franceschini



Panel audience participates in an exercise to see if they can “feel a minute” of time.



 Artists from left to right: Kaitlin Bryson, Jill Baker & Jonathan Rattner, Cathleen Faubert and Claire Tolan



The Green River Newspaper by Sarah Baugh & Nicole Lavelle