Director Russell Dudley and Program Coordinator Julia Schwadron represented the MFA-IA Program at the College Art Association Conference in New York last month. The visit was a great way to spread the word about the program’s launch this coming Summer 2015 as well as to catch up with friends and colleagues and attend panel discussions.

The MFA Interdisciplinary Arts table, which was located in the Exhibit and Trade Hall at the conference, was decked out in our program paraphernalia – which included mountains, first aid kits, and custom periscopes, which visitors could take home and assemble.


Russell and Julia met some great people while sharing information about the new MFA, and introducing New Yorkers to Lake Tahoe. They were also able to attend applicable panel discussions such as, “DIY EDUCATION EXPERIMENTS: ARTIST-RUN EDUCATION OR EDUCATION AS ART?” This panel was put together by Michael Mandiberg, artist and founder of the New York Arts Practicum, an alternative/supplement to grad school for artists, which charges a nominal fee to introduce students to artists in and around NYC. Topics discussed by this panel, as well as many others being had at the conference, focused on the current challenges that face young artists attempting to further their education and careers in the arts. For example, the panel titled, “SHOULD YOU STAY OR SHOULD YOU GO? DISCUSSING THE DEBT TO ASSET RATIO OF THE MFA” included hard statistics that really hit home. With this battle-cry ringing in our ears, the MFA-IA reaffirms our intention to put together an outstanding program in which artists and students can afford to participate.




Russell Dudley, showing us how to properly use the MFA-IA Periscope.



Dave Grozinsky, of the Vermont Studio Center, using an MFA periscope to peer around the corner.