Through September and October, our galleries featured work by two California based artists: David Kimball Anderson and Lawrence LaBianca.




David Kimball Anderson is a Santa Cruz based artist and sculptor whose exhibit, A Few Favorite Pieces, is featured in our Tahoe Gallery, August 21st – October 20th, 2014.  Anderson’s intentional installation of drawings, photographs and sculptures creates a framework for the provocative contemplation of these individual components, as well as relationships between them. During his artist lecture, Anderson spoke about his process of self-editing. He told the story of arriving at the idea of a sculpture he wanted to build – a replica of an old trough he found in a desert landscape. He initially struggled to capture every detail of the trough he had photographed, including the residual water inside. Finally, he realized that the reason the work needed to be made had nothing to do with those exact details of that exact trough, rather, he was interested in the trough as an object, as a symbol within the landscape. The texture, form, and presence of the object is what the piece needed to reflect.  That trough and his other recent work can be seen in Ranchland at The Great Highway Gallery in San Francisco, CA.




The Garage Door Gallery features an solo exhibition by San Francisco based artist, Lawrence LaBianca, from Sept. 22-Oct. 22. LaBianca is exhibiting work from his recent series, Sea Float Project. LaBianca’s artwork integrates methods of research and experimentation, funneled into natural, sculptural forms. Sea Float Project is one of a series of kinetic sculptures, acting in collaboration with the environment. By harnessing natural phenomena like wind and waves, various sculptural pieces generate marks on a copper form, which is then used for intaglio printing. As part of the exhibition, LaBianca performed a live demonstration at Lake Tahoe’s Ski Beach, in which he discussed his construction of an “etching sea buoy,” featuring his interest in physical labor and the natural world as part of his artistic practice.  In addition to his fine art, LaBianca also has a commercial studio practice, producing objects that can be seen here.