I have just returned from Wheeler Peak and Jeff Weiss’s Prometheus Tree dedication, “Remembrance 2.”  The drive across Nevada on 50 to Ely and the rendezvous with Jeff’s “Me and My Friends” at Ely’s Hotel Nevada and Gambling Hall was full of tracings– the Great Basin’s complex usage issues.

Fighter jets from Fallon Naval Air Station (the US Navy’s premier air-to-air and air-to-ground training facility) 50 feet off the ground Dixie Valley to rock art defaced by contemporary Minnie Winnie travelers seeming need to express themselves. The context for contemplation replicated the view.

playa image




Arriving, I was entertained by just who were my friends and how might I identify them.  Some were a good bet: sleepy eyes and the sense that they would seem out of place anywhere. Some were simple, skinny jeans, pointy black shoes and no socks comfortable someplace far else.  The most fun-highest odds- were impossible to detect, seamlessly integrating with the slot machines smoke taxidermy and rawhide brands.  Like the guy Bobby, an artist recently relocated Queens to Bisbee, traveling with a dog Roy, friendly, brindle with an atrophied rear leg, a cross between a Greyhound  and a Chihuahua, who looked as if they may have crafted some of the artifacts spied in the Hall’s basement. Or as David tweeted: “In Nevada they wear iphones like guns.


Upstairs Jeff had placed a white monolithic box containing a snow globe of Prometheus and an itinerary with just enough mystery to charge one’s room and journey tonight to the next day, the park, the Bristlecones, and Prometheus with a kind of slippery adventure punctuated by questions of memory and its value as a problem solving tool. Entry seemed to be granted between curiosity grace and benign neglect.




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-RUSSELL DUDLEY program director